Looking back at Mafia III

It almost seems as though it was yesterday when Mafia III was released but that’s possibly due the fact that we were all made to wait a long time for the game’s release. So what about now, looking back was it the game that it was hyped up to be or did it fail miserably?

Well a quick glance at reviews online show it to be a good game, not spectacular and not bad. We feel similarly and we’ll explain why. Mafia’s first two games had very strong characters, and the stories made the game. It has never been about the gameplay, Mafia games are similar to watching movies and it’s the scenes with many twists and turns that keep you coming back for more. So why wasn’t Mafia III quite as good?

Well, it’s hard to say why really and it could be due to the fact that the developers had ran out of ideas. Everything is all too familiar and the game failed to take things up a gear or two. It gave more of the same and not exactly more of what us gamers wanted. Everything in the first two games was great because the stories and characters were new and interesting, but this felt a bit tired from the beginning. I felt as though I could read what was going to happen next, and that certainly wasn’t the case with the first two games. That said, the visuals and the world in which you explore is quite beautiful, but other than that this is not a game that’s going to have you coming back for more. I’d much prefer to bring out my old console and play Mafia II all over again that play Mafia III and I wouldn’t go so far to give it a rating higher than 7 out of 10. It’s respectable release but for me and for many other gamers it wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be and hopefully the developers will learn from their mistakes when they start working on number 4. Here’s the trailer if you need to familiarize yourself with the game again:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Overview

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is likely to be one of the best selling games this Christmas and for good reason too. The developers have certainly paid massive attention to detail and it’s really paid off. Being the third installment it needed to get a good reception and it already has. As soon as you start playing you’ll find that it’s a game of truly epic scale. By this we mean the game systems and storyline both engage and it’s just like blissful harmony.

In this game the hero, Geralt of Rivia, matures from the sword-swinging action man of the first installment into a more mature, philosophical hero, and one where story, systems, art, music, action and wisdom all seem to blend together into one dazzling cinematic game. Of course there are some drawbacks to this hugely popular game, and I’m afraid it’s to do with loading times and the occasional drop in frame rate. This is obviously normal and it’s because the game is so weighty, but the few blips here and there are not enough to spoil this game by any means.

You can’t deny the fact that this is the best game of the batch and its RPG rating should not be judged. The developer CD Project Red created one of the most convincing fantasy open-world titles ever and this is due to the dialogue and realistic behaviour of the characters. Of course, with a great storyline, plenty of quests and near perfect gameplay systems, this was always going to be a treat to play, and if you haven’t done so already, be sure to put it on your Christmas list. Just make sure you wait until boxing day to play because if you start this one on Christmas day you may not leave the console for the rest of the night!

Here’s the trailer if you needed any more evidence:

Flying Defense

Flying Defense is a mobile game that’s really hot in the charts right now. It’s set in an ancient kingdom that’s rather peaceful, only it’s about to be invaded by flying monsters and you’ll have to do all you can to stop them. The monsters are ruled by the power of the treasures, so a mob of veteran hunters stick together to try and bring and end to these horrible creators and you’ll be doing all you can to help them. This isn’t one of those pick up and put down games. There are 15 levels and 150 stages, so there’s plenty of gaming to get through with this one. You get the chance to build your very own “troop of mercenaries and fight as a contender at the coliseum”. The visuals aren’t spectacular with this game and it does have the feel of a retro game, but it’s certainly worth playing and it can get quite addictive.

Take Off – The Flight Simulator

This flight simulator game is the best there is on Andriod or IOS. The gameplay is smooth, the visuals are nice, although a tad cartoon in character, and the sounds are realistic. You can start your career on the Hawaiian Islands before you become a big player flying from new York, Paris, London and Sydney. There are lots of different aircrafts to try out too, whilst you can fly to 21 famous airports around the world. You can even start your own airline and expand your fleet, but be warned, it can take some practice before you start flying like a pro, and though the controls are relatively easy to get used to, you will have to put in the hours to become good at this game. It’s a nice game to add to your collection if you need something different and right now it’s performing very well in the charts, for example it’s at number 2 in the IOS app store.

Hitman Episode 4

Hitman seems to get better with every release and that’s especially the case with Episode 4. It’s set in Bangkok, in a hotel like Episode 3 but there’s a different feel this time. The Himmapan resort may lack the size and scope of Sapienza in Episode 3 but it boasts plenty of problem solving and murderous mayhem within its walls. We were expecting more of a build up to the storyline but it’s fairly straightforward and it shows the developers could be running out of ideas. The gameplay hasn’t changed an awful lot, in fact it’s been refined, meaning some kills seem a little easier, but the visuals are spectacular and even though the story is quite weak, you’ll be hooked like you were with all of the other Hitman games. This one is definitely worth a buy in our books, but be warned you may complete it very quickly indeed.