Take Off – The Flight Simulator

This flight simulator game is the best there is on Andriod or IOS. The gameplay is smooth, the visuals are nice, although a tad cartoon in character, and the sounds are realistic. You can start your career on the Hawaiian Islands before you become a big player flying from new York, Paris, London and Sydney. There are lots of different aircrafts to try out too, whilst you can fly to 21 famous airports around the world. You can even start your own airline and expand your fleet, but be warned, it can take some practice before you start flying like a pro, and though the controls are relatively easy to get used to, you will have to put in the hours to become good at this game. It’s a nice game to add to your collection if you need something different and right now it’s performing very well in the charts, for example it’s at number 2 in the IOS app store.

Hitman Episode 4

Hitman seems to get better with every release and that’s especially the case with Episode 4. It’s set in Bangkok, in a hotel like Episode 3 but there’s a different feel this time. The Himmapan resort may lack the size and scope of Sapienza in Episode 3 but it boasts plenty of problem solving and murderous mayhem within its walls. We were expecting more of a build up to the storyline but it’s fairly straightforward and it shows the developers could be running out of ideas. The gameplay hasn’t changed an awful lot, in fact it’s been refined, meaning some kills seem a little easier, but the visuals are spectacular and even though the story is quite weak, you’ll be hooked like you were with all of the other Hitman games. This one is definitely worth a buy in our books, but be warned you may complete it very quickly indeed.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go offers the perfect blend of nostalgia and new technology. Many 90’s and 00’s kids will remember the characters, theme tune and card game, but the popularity goes beyond one generation. You only have to drive into your local town centre to spot people of all ages playing Pokémon, so why is it so popular?

Well, it’s the start of something very exciting; Augmented reality. Let’s not mislead you here, Augmented reality (AR) is not something new; it has been used for years in the military and for navigation systems. What makes Pokémon Go novel is that AR has gone mainstream for the first time. We’re experiencing an important moment in history. Many of us will remember the first time we played Mario, the first time Game Boys were available in colour and we’ll certainly remember the moment we’re living right now. There’s no doubt this will be the start of something huge.

Getting a job in the gaming industry

Many teenagers leave school dreaming of a job in the gaming industry, and it’s important to know that there are opportunities out there. It’s an industry that continues to thrive in the UK and around the world, so there is a sense of security, but it’s certainly not a walk in the park—and it’s not always going to be fun and based solely around playing games! If you’re serious about getting into the industry and progressing your career quickly, getting an industry recognised qualification will be a must. No matter what company your dream of working for, a professional qualification will undoubtedly boost your career prospects. Some of the most useful qualifications include Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Java and C++. You will need to decide whether you’d like to be a 3D Modelling Artist, a Developer or a Programmer though, so carrying out a lit bit of research on each of these areas is reccommended.

Why arcades are still extremely popular

I love going to the arcade, there’s something about it. I’m not sure if it’s the smell of cola and popcorn or the flashing lights, but there’s something you get at an arcade that you just don’t get at home on the PS4 or Xbox 360. I often play Mario cart at the arcades, and with the cool seats, built in speakers, large HD screen it really can’t be beaten. At an arcade you get the whole package, but the only downside is that it’s £1 to play a game, when you can play a game freely at home for hours!

I don’t think the popularity of the arcade will go though; we’re instinctively drawn to it whether we’re visiting the seaside or the movie theatre. And unless you create a similar environment in your home, it simply won’t be beaten by your console, TV and sofa.